I didn’t know why it got its name.

Walking into the Stone Lake, the drizzle continued, and the flowers and trees were washed away. The rain beats the lotus leaves and makes a pleasant sound. The pine trees on both sides are still. A quiet silence ripples away.

At first, I didn’t know why it got its name. Later, I knew that Fan Chengda was called a Lady of Stone Lake in his old age. I wondered if it was because of it. But no matter what, there was always a Stone Lake and there was always a Stone Lake.

There is Yangdi in Shihu Lake. It is said to commemorate Yang Su. It is named after Yang Su. Yangdi is 1200 meters. It is situated in the middle of the water. The scenery along the river can be circled. Rain beats lotus leaves, wind blows lotus, there are small bridges, pavilions, pavilions, Chinese scenery, where there is water, more pavilions, more bridges. But there is no doubt about this harmony.

There are also cross-levee, I do not know why, cross-levee length is 1200 meters, there are Li Road, pavilions, bridges running water, fog on it, there is water, there are loads, there are many crowds.

Drizzle is like music, music in the rain, water in the rain, and fish in the rain. Maybe the trees in the rain are opening their mouths.

After crossing the embankment, it was a pleasant surprise to walk in the direction of the mountain above, not to climb, but to meet the mountain unexpectedly. How big is the mountain above, the road aunt said, „you want to walk as long as you want to go,” in fact, later on thought, this sentence is the Zen Dynasty, the world of things, no longer their own heart, so as to walk as long as you can, everything from the heart, how big the heart, the world is how big!

It was only when I walked into the mountain above that I knew that there was Fan Cheng’s ancestral hall, where the poet, who was known as the Lady of Stone Lake, once lived, and who wrote, „The people who come and go between rivers and mountains, but love the beauty of perch.” Look at a leaf boat and see the storm. ” people may have walked into the Stone Lake one day, and cooked a bowl of fish soup for fishing a bass. After going out of officialdom, enjoy life.

Mount Shang Shan is very quiet. In the distance, you can see the Great Buddha. The pavilion has a view of the lake, and the panoramic view of the Stone Lake can be seen from the pavilion. Unfortunately, I was just a passing traveler. I saw it in a hurry.

international air cargo network

Jingdong and China Eastern Airlines reach strategic cooperation to build domestic and international air cargo network

Tencent Science and Technology News (Sun Hongchao) June 26 news, today Jingdong Group announced China Eastern Airlines Group (hereinafter referred to as „Eastern Airlines”) signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the briefing, the two sides will cooperate in the fields of air logistics, air passenger transport business, brand promotion, enterprise procurement, membership system, information construction and so on.

According to the agreement, China Eastern Airlines will provide cargo delivery, transportation, dispatch and related value-added services to East Beijing. The two sides will share site resources, Chinese English Translation,Translate English to Chineserealize the docking of process and system, open a green channel for security inspection and delivery, build domestic and international air cargo transport network, and enhance the performance of air logistics.

previously, the two sides have cooperated on domestic routes. More than 10 routes of Jingdong Logistics in Beijing and Shanghai were carried by Eastern Airlines, which played an important role in maintaining efficient and stable performance services for Jingdong during the shopping festival of 618 this year. It is expected that in the second half of this year, the number of domestic cooperative flights between Jingdong and China Eastern Airlines will increase to more than 20, and business cooperation such as freight station speeding-up will be gradually completed. According to the business layout of Jingdong and Eastern Airlines, in the future, China Eastern Airlines will assist Jingdong in the construction of air transport center, air warehousing business, cross-border logistics network, to create integrated domestic and international warehousing services.

At present, China Eastern Airlines has opened an official flagship store in Jingdong Mall, and has incorporated the ticket business department of Jingdong into its core partners to provide high-quality resources for domestic and international tickets and related products. The two sides will jointly explore and segment the user market and launch customized products and services for different user groups. In addition, Jingdong and China Eastern Airlines will break through the membership system, optimize the Eastern Airlines e-commerce system, and realize the exchange of points with members of Jingdong. Jingdong will use its platform advantages and marketing capabilities, United Eastern Airlines to provide consumers with direct tickets, airport services and travel products of the automated combination.

Jingdong Logistics CEO Wang Zhenhui said that at the end of April this year, Jingdong Logistics operated independently, aiming to build a value network of intelligent supply chain including logistics, e-commerce, finance, insurance, data and technology with a large number of partners to help partners in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain reduce supply chain costs and raise supply chain costs. Improve circulation efficiency. As one of the top ten airlines in the world, China Eastern Airlines has a complete aviation logistics industry chain and a strong transport support capacity. At present, China Eastern Airlines is making every effort to build a rapid supply chain platform to better integrate social resources, to provide customers with integrated air-to-ground logistics air transport services.

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Jingdong has also cooperated with China Eastern Airlines in the procurement and management of materials on the Internet. Jingdong will meet the centralized procurement needs of China Eastern Airlines, including office, information, labor and insurance commodities, as well as special aviation fresh, clothing and other commodities. Jingdong will dock with the internal ERp purchasing system of China Eastern Airlines. The purchasing personnel of China Eastern Airlines can visit Jingdong Special Area for purchasing by logging into the internal system of the company. In the future, Jingdong will also customize a series of exclusive platforms for China Eastern Airlines, including commodities, management processes, account system, reconciliation process, and supply chain. It will also provide China Eastern Airlines with precise large-scale data analysis based on commodity procurement to achieve large-scale material data management to meet China Eastern Airlines’procurement needs based on air transport scenarios. please.

In this cooperation, Jingdong will also act as a technical partner of China Eastern Airlines to comprehensively upgrade the information construction of China Eastern Airlines, actively participate in the practice of various cloud applications of China Eastern Airlines, continue to promote the deployment of China Eastern Airlines public Cloud Applications on the infrastructure cloud provided by Jingdong, assist China Eastern Airlines in building the operation points mall, and build an internal procurement system. Upgrading the function of developing OA system, China Eastern Airlines will cooperate with Jingdong in the field of large data analysis. At the same time, as a data trading platform authorized by Jingdong, Beijing Eastern Vientiane Large Data platform will open the flight data information, ticket data information and air logistics information after desensitization to more areas of application.



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