this life is no blemish. One night’s showy

Good work, or sin, romantic style, the painting boat swung gently upturned Rong Hua. Hide the years, dance the sleeves of the water sleeves, and lengthen the branches of the soul. In the end, he always softly resolute and washed away all the sins of my life. Escaping from worldly robbery, I went from flowers to flowers. I went through the gauze at the sound of the piano. Leaving only, the more strange and legendary. The blue print, the wind fade away. Turning hands is a continuous drizzle that makes people forget. In the same year, I was in Langya golden feather, flute. Before I was sorry, I paid my attention to the wind and sand.

The blue sky and the air, the white temple. I hope there is a person who does not care about the replacement and melting of the years. I wash my eyes and pour the red dust into the cup. I would like to drink a cup of wine. Turn over the mistake of this year, and ask for a place to rest. Through the thousand layers of snow, the old dream was awakened. But I was no longer the arrogant teenager of that year. The red dust becomes the grave, and the rise and fall is instant dissolving. In a trance, the vicissitudes passed away and turned around. A flourishing age is as light as an Epiphyllum. Seeing all the joys and sorrows of the world, the rest of life will not mind the red makeup. Many stories swam on the riverside of the Acacia. You believe, be good, do not believe, the right to pass by. In the title page of the story, we are all the branches of time. No matter how dazzling you are, you are just a passer-by. Walking into the break of years, drained away the wind and sand.

Fenghua is a flow of sand, old age is a period of time. Heaven and earth prove that even if the wind is exhausted, I must live gracefully. I am a lonely star outside the dust. It never changes. Fenghua faded, a sand flow, the rest is three thousand ink, I thrive. The wind is fading, and the sand flows away.

Home first furniture or first decoration?

First decoration or first buy furniture? This problem makes a lot of owners entangled, the traditional decoration is the first decoration to buy furniture, but now the sound of furniture after decoration is becoming more and more high, then, which is the right one?

Home first furniture or first decoration?

Viewpoint 1, first decoration

Owner 1: first decoration, and then before buying furniture must first measure the size, and then buy furniture, this is to avoid you buy the furniture, but the size is wrong after the decoration.

Owner 2: it seems unreasonable to buy furniture and decorate again. First of all, there is no purposeful nature. Next, where is the furniture bought? Still have, decorate to want to consider integral style, furniture is used to collocate, change furniture is far easier than change decorate, so decorate first choose furniture.

A good Office Chair should have a good lumber support to ensure the lower back is in great position when a person is sitting. Actually, a great chair should come with an adjustable lumbar support system, so that it can fit on the chair perfectly. This is critical because it helps to prevent the back from striating, in which it can case sciatica.

Owner 3: First decoration, decoration, according to the style of furniture, there are some size problems, decoration and then buy furniture the most insurance.

Home first furniture or first decoration?

View two, set the furniture first

Owner 1: Should be the first to look at the furniture, because you need to decorate the size of furniture, only the furniture booked before decoration.

Owner 2: I was different from them, set the furniture first, determine your style, and then according to home to determine the decoration style, if the decoration to buy furniture, not how to do?

Owner 3: in the design of the decoration style, naturally you have to think of furniture, which room is the master bedroom, the big bed, the style of the master bedroom, the natural style of furniture, this series of down naturally is the first choice of furniture, furniture is determined, I only need to step down the design step by step can, festival Save time and energy, and money.

Home first furniture or first decoration?

Other experiences

1, home elder sister thinks, ascertain the style that oneself like first, ascertain the position of furniture of household appliance according to plan, furniture and decoration have no conflict, can successively. The key is household appliances, think ahead of time to set the home potentiometer decoration when leaving a good power outlet, or wait for the decoration of the home is everywhere wiring board.

2, first of all, you need to know what style of living environment you want, and then determine the location of furniture in general and then decorate it. Furniture should be the choice after the decoration, but, there are some exceptions, the kitchen cabinet is best to be booked first, redecorated, because many times to know the location of the kitchen cabinet is better, save the line, or the long time, the line is all oil. Other furniture should also know the main position of the power supply, so as to save after the inappropriate, the power supply has been blocked by furniture, inconvenient to use. Before decoration, we should consider the location of the good line, then choose furniture after finishing the decoration. But before decorating, the style of furniture must be determined first.

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Home first furniture or first decoration?

The first decoration or the first purchase of furniture

First decoration

The traditional home decoration is to decorate the furniture after decorating. After the owner gets the house, he first asks the workers to carry on the water and electricity transformation, brushes the wall to lay the brick, after the project has finished, then goes to select the furniture. After the completion of the infrastructure works, the owners have plenty of time to shop for furniture.

Disadvantages: ignoring the relationship between the three elements of furniture, decoration, „function, vision and material”. If you do not know the specific size of furniture decoration, the result is often like buying clothes do not ask the same size, not too big or too small, is the color, style does not match. Such functions may be, but they are difficult to satisfy in vision. This is why some people are unable to find a suitable piece of furniture after they have been renovated.

Home first furniture or first decoration?

prepurchase furniture

1, to protect the decoration effect, the owners first determine the style of furniture, and then the designer, according to the furniture, designed to coordinate with the decoration style, so that the furniture and overall decoration style can be ensured to be harmonious and unified.

2, after the selection of furniture, the basic structure of the bedroom has been roughly determined, most of the decoration companies need to do basic projects, which can avoid the production of many unnecessary additional items.

3, it is beneficial to save time and expenses.

Disadvantages: excessive limitations, need to take certain risks. Space is static, furniture is dynamic, should be supposed to let furniture with space, not space with furniture change.

Home first furniture or first decoration?

Decoration in the overall planning and decoration, do not necessarily buy furniture, you can look at the furniture, first go to the market to understand the size of furniture, color, style and so on. Early stage design should give full consideration to later decoration. If there is overall planning and co-ordination, the difference between buying furniture or not is not very big.

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Hotel fire training experience

In June 2011, I had the privilege to participate in the training of fire safety managers in various units of Guangdong public Security Fire Control Institutions. Through the study of fire laws and regulations and professional knowledge of fire prevention, I gained a better understanding of fire protection work and mastered the basic theoretical knowledge of daily fire safety management work, so as to carry out smoothly in the company in the future. Fire safety work has laid a solid theoretical foundation. This is mainly about the following points:

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First, fire safety management should be „prevention oriented”, and fire safety should be taken as a top priority.

Fire hazards, everyone knows, but in daily work is often neglected, paralyzed, lucky psychology instead, often to wait until the accident did occur, resulting in losses, will come back to alert. This is because the fire prevention work is not put first. The eighteen words „hidden danger is more dangerous than open fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, and responsibility is more important than Mount Taishan” were put forward by Comrade Jiang Zemin more than twenty years ago, and are still the main thrust of fire safety management work. The key to do a good job of prevention is to improve the degree of attention to this work, should be to eliminate fire hazards, improve fire awareness for the purpose, do not make oral articles, with practical actions and measures to effectively do a good job of fire safety.

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Two, strengthen fire safety knowledge training and raise awareness of prevention.

As a result of the job type, some of the hotel’s work involves inflammable and explosive materials. Such as gas used in kitchens, diesel oil used in boiler rooms and so on. In the daily fire prevention work inside the hotel, we have carried out relevant training and understanding of fire hazard inspection. But through this training, it is found that the current level of preventive work is not enough asthma trials. Both front-line operators and relevant fire safety management personnel should have a full understanding of the fire risks, fire hazards and fire related facilities that may be involved in their posts and departments. Whether in high-risk positions or other personnel, should receive regular fire safety education and training, including: relevant fire laws and regulations, fire safety system, operational procedures to ensure fire safety; fire risk and fire prevention measures of various departments and posts; methods and skills to check and eliminate fire hazards; The performance of various fire facilities, the use of fire extinguishing equipment, and the beginning of fire and fire fighting